Prostate Ultra is safe and effective in improving your
prostate health

The prostate gland plays an important role in the male reproductive system by secreting prostate fluid- a component in semen. As we age, our prostates continue to grow- and an enlarged prostate can cause numerous health issues.  Difficult or frequent urination and erectile dysfunction can both be caused by an enlarged prostate. If you are suffering from prostate related issues or want to prevent suffering in the future, then you need Prostate Ultra!

What can you gain from Prostate Ultra?

  • Enhanced prostate health
  • Reduction of urinary tract issues
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved sexual health
Prostate Ultra

What is Prostate Ultra?

A new formula for prostate health is on the market! Prostate Ultra contains highly touted ingredients beta sisterol and stinging nettle along with many other effective and proven ingredients. The combination of natural ingredients in Prostate Ultra is safe and gentle on our bodies, but completely beneficial and efficient in ensuring our prostate health. Prostate Ultra will help your body to regulate your hormones and help you to maintain, or re-gain, your prostate health.

Prostate Ultra will help prevent an inflamed prostate and the serious symptoms an enlarged prostate may cause. Prostate health means that your sexual health will improve and you will experience fewer problems with urinations. Using Prostate Ultra will keep your prostate healthy and improve your general health!

There are different zones in the prostate gland

The peripheral zone (or PZ) maintains up to 70% of the gland. This is the portion of the gland that surrounds the urethra.  From the PZ, 70-80% of prostate cancers originate.

The CZ, or central zone, takes up to 25% of the gland. This zone surrounds the ejaculatory zones. While only 2.5% of prostate cancers originate from this zone, they tend to be more aggressive and invasive.

The transition zone, or TZ, makes up 5% of the gland at puberty. 10-20% of prostate cancers derive from the TZ. This zone surrounds the urethra and is the region of the gland that continues to grow through life. This zone is responsible for the disease benign prostatic enlargement (BPE).

The different zone of the prostate impact unique parts of the reproductive and urinary tract anatomy and the whole of the prostate gland requires support to maintain and improve prostate health. By reducing inflammation of the prostate gland and balancing the hormones that affect it, then we can prevent negative health problems associated with the prostate gland, which in turn can affect the surrounding areas. Using Prostate Ultra will support your prostate health.

Prostate Ultra is the Answer

As we age, our tendency to develop prostate related health conditions increases. These health conditions can cause erectile dysfunctions, frequent, urination and painful urination. The ingredients in Prostate Ultra are safe, natural and proven effective in reducing the swelling of the prostate and the issues that are caused by an enlarged prostate. The Prostate Ultra formula will support your prostate by reducing inflammation and maintaining the hormones that affect your prostate.

The effects of an enlarged prostate range from inconvenient to embarrassing to downright life threatening! By taking Prostate Ultra you will comfortable, confident and healthy!

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